Hands Free Milk Pump Bra, packed in 3 sets ID: LDL 11520

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Hands Free Milk Pump Bra, packed in 3 sets ID: LDL 11520

A normal bra can be change to milk pump bra without undress. 

US Patent No. D793657 S

The Bra is designed for new mom to hold the milk pump funnel without holding it by hands, it will fits all brand milk pump funnel, when it is finish pumping milk, just insert the padded cup into the bra and wear it like the normal bras.

For the working mothers, it is always a challenge to keep the hands free while breastfeeding the babies by using the breast pump. Use of the breast pump may be quite difficult because you will need to use your hands to place it on the breast during the breastfeeding. However, you can find a good solution with the help of hands free breast pump bra for it.

  • Use the milk pump funnel without using the hands
  • Provides the support for milk pump funnel of all brands
  • Convertible design to use as a normal bra
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Available in several size options

With all these excellent features, it will be a perfect option if you want to use hands free pumping bra without undressing. After using it, you can insert the given padded cup into your bra and can use it like a normal one.

Now, you don’t need to very to buy such excellent design of bra because you will find it at the online store of Lovely Day Lingerie. We are here to deliver the superior quality so that you can use it with extreme comfort and you will not feel any kind of pinching or rubbing on your breast. While wearing it, you will really love the quality of the fabric and its comfort level.

For the customers, this bra is available in several size options so you will be able to make choice from S size to XXXXL size as per your comfort level. It comes in a simple white colour that will perfectly match all kinds of outfits in a proper way.

Because of its amazing design, it will be a perfect choice for every mother who is looking for the right solution for breastfeeding by using the best pumping bra for work. With this excellent product, you will definitely find a better solution to keep your hands free while breastfeeding your baby with a breast pump. You can order it now and we will deliver it to your address.